This is an Extranet, which is like a private Internet which we share with our clients. It isn’t actually protected in any way, but access points are only via our e-mail signature and any literature of ours which we send out. It won’t normally be visible to anyone else unless they actually know about it.

We will be covering topics where we feel clients would benefit from having more detail. We will also provide some free material for the use of our clients, such as material to help with bookkeeping. Our aim will be to promote standard ways of doing things and best practice, but we will only aim to persuade, never to compel, and we will always aim to give the customer a choice.

This Extranet will be pitched at new clients in particular, and we have a guide to getting started.

All our material will be copyright, and only active current clients are licensed to use it, in which case it will be for free. Other viewers such as prospective clients are permitted to look at material out of curiosity and to try test transactions.