This is a guide to bookkeeping produced by David Porthouse & Co Ltd, who are Accountants in Carlisle in North West England.  There are a wide range of bookkeeping systems available, and this website lists them by type. This is a new-ish website still under construction, and it is also experimenting with mobile phone presentation.

The general theme of this website is that you should only do the minimum amount of bookkeeping, or better still, none at all if you can manage it, and we will say in particular that double-entry bookkeeping is something best avoided.  Because we have some special ideas, such as automatic processing with optical character recognition and our own parallel bookkeeping system, we don’t hesitate to mention our own products and indicate how you can use them.  We give a fair description of other products nevertheless.

Other websites maintained by David Porthouse & Co are their own main website, and a website giving advice on deadlines which has a page on debt collection. They also have a page on Google Plus.
David Porthouse & Co,  81 Larch Drive, Carlisle CA3 9FJ,  telephone 01228 533751. Local accountants in Stanwix.