Basic Free Handouts

We have a crib sheet or aide-memoire of typical business expenses which you can print off.

Some time you will have out of pocket expenses which you paid for privately rather than through your business bank account. Initial expenses incurred in setting up your business, before you opened a business bank account, may also appear on this sheet. If you already had something like a computer or a van, then you can bring it in at market value, or at cost with a bit of depreciation which we can calculate.

Company directors will normally claim mileage at 45p per mile to begin with, so here is a mileage record sheet which you can print off as often as you need to in order to record mileage.

You may wish to keep a record of invoices issued and when they were settled. Alternatively, you could print off a copy of each invoice you send out, and record the date of settlement on the invoice.

We are open to suggestions on what else you may wish to see here.

All our material is copyright, and only active current clients are licensed to use it. It is free for them. Other viewers such as prospective clients are permitted to look at material out of curiosity and to try test transactions.