On Paper

Many stationery shops stock well-known paper ledgers such as the Simplex D and the Evrite 707. There is also the analysed cash book to consider.

You will also find Collins and perhaps a few other systems. Pop into a stationer like WH Smith and see what is on offer. We have indicated the colours to look out for. The analysed cash book may be in a variety of colours, but the Cathedral range is bright red.

David Porthouse & Co have a free paper system which you may download by the quarter (every three months) and use. Once you are familiar with it, you can upgrade to an identical spreadsheet system, e-mail it back to David Porthouse, and then get a discount because he has a system which can read the spreadsheet electronically.

If you are registered for Value Added Tax, then you will need to decide if you will prepare VAT returns using cash accounting or invoice accounting, and you should click on the appropriate link for more information.